Case study

CASE STUDY: We fully renovated Mr RSR's Victorian 5-bed property in Fulham...

and we also did his loft conversion. But what he appreciated the most was the work we performed to convert a big, street facing bedroom into a luxury bathroom, walk-in wardrobe and child's bedroom. 

This job entailed: liaising with the architect/ interior designer, executing their very specific instructions; liaising with the council regarding building consent and associated paperwork/ visits; liaising with the flooring specialist chosen by the client; liaising with the noise insulation company; bringing all the plumbing from a guest bathroom in a different floor; building a made-to-measure walk-in wardrobe and making sure that the high quality mouldings on the ceiling plus the covings were replicated to create the illusion of continuity. Central to this idea was re-creating the ceiling rose in a smaller size (rather then just buying one off the shelf) in order to match the new size of the room, retaining the original design. 

The client was very satisfied with the work and has further recommended us to friends and work colleagues. 

CASE STUDY: We completely renovated Ms PL's Victorian property...

including a walled garden. But our two main challenges there were:

a) Creating a bathroom in her loft, whereby we had to lift the floorboards without damaging them, in order to take the pipes outside, create an extra door to access the eaves and liaise with Lambeth council.

b) Sand every wood surface in the house: from floors to doors, from beams to stairs, including all banisters and spindles, which had to be sanded by hand. This was a very detail-oriented client with high expectations and we're happy to report that she was so satisfied with our work that has subsequently recommended us to many of her acquaintances. 

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