One very important fact to consider when comparing quotes is to compare ‘like for like’. At Art+Tom we pride ourselves of our transparent and detailed quotes, which help the client understand almost to the most minimum detail the time and  financial commitment that the project will entail. Of course there is always room for the unexpected, but we believe that the planning phase of every project is as or even more important than the building phase itself: when you have proper foundations you make sure the building will stand strong- that’s how we treat the relationship with our clients from the very start until the very end of each project. And this is why most of our work is either by client referrals or repeat business.

We provide free, detailed tailor-made quotes upon request. Please fill in our 'contact us’ form with by some sort of description of the services you require plus a convenient time for us to visit you and we promise you you’ll receive an e-mail/ call back within 24 hours. 

Get in touch: artandtom@yahoo.co.uk
Tel. 078 9410 4234